Special Warfare Training Center

Our services:

  • Military training
  • Consulting
  • Logistics
  • Training of specialists
  • Training of instructors
  • Training of groups and military units

Main types of training:

  • Tactical carbine shooting
  • Tactical pistol shooting
  • Combat knife techniques
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Unarmed combat
  • Combat engineering
  • Tactical special training field&forest
  • Tactical special training urban zone
  • Military land navigation
  • Field agent training
  • Surviving
  • Security working
  • Sniping
  • Pathfinding


History of Center

Our center was established by veterans of special operations forces to teach special methods and means of warfare, actions of sabotage and partisan units and special forces.

After the Russian aggression in March 2014 by the members of the Centre was established “Center of preparing sabotage and partisan units” with the purpose of training military affairs of citizens and protection of their native land.

In the same month, the Center was founded “Consolidated battalion of territorial defense. Nizhyn.” It was this battalion and initiated the formation of dozens of territorial defense battalions around the country, who then joined or formed a part of Armed Forces or the Ministry of Interior

Hundreds of fighters who were trained in our center serve in battalions “Donbass”, “OUN”, “Azov” , DUK (Right Sector), and other volunteer battalions in the “National Guard of Ukraine” and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



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